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About Us MorellatoCon Morellato and its “jewellery for living” has ushered in a new concept of luxury that satisfies the awareness and tastes of the contemporary consumer.


The values that distinguish the brand are the same ones that helped it achieve its success: quality items of a precious nature, which are both contemporary and harmonious. 

The brand’s essence expresses the perfect blend of harmonious proportions, exquisite materials and sophisticated Italian taste. Together they are the factors that define the unique distinctiveness of Morellato. 

From the outset, the jewellery collections have brought together priceless materials including silver, real gemstones, natural pearls or diamonds, as well as more affordable materials. The result is of outstanding value in terms of style and creativity. The all-Italian design is combined with the exquisite nature of the collections, which are all targeted to achieve competitive price positioning. Together these factors have contributed towards the Morellato success story.

The quality handed down through the generations, the skilled use of the raw materials and control over the production and distribution process all remain key elements that have led to the expansion of the brand, not only in Italy but also on the international markets.


The Morellato story started in 1930 when Giulio Morellato opened a watch and jewellery workshop in Venice. After a few years he came to specialise in producing leather straps for wrist watches, and also began making handcrafted jewellery in gold and silver. 

In the Nineties, brothers Massimo and Marco Carraro, the sons of Giulio Morellato’s closest colleague, purchased the entire capital of the company, giving rise to the innovative concept of “jewellery for living”. This concept was interpreted throughout the brand’s collections, and over the years became an evocative and highly successful expression of the brand’s spirit. Jewellery that is precious yet easy to wear, timeless pieces for daily use brought to life by the women that wear it at any time of day. 

Morellato’s crucial insight rewrote the tastes and desires of contemporary women. In so doing, women recognised that this “jewellery for living” was an invaluable ally that could accompany them on any occasion. 

Empowered by the brand’s long-standing tradition handed down through the generations, its exclusive design and innovative style, the Carraro brothers turned Morellato into a perfect example of the all-Italian global success story in the space of just a few years.


The first decade after 2000 saw the international expansion of Morellato. Season after season, the collections and their products continued to expand until the first watch ranges were produced. These ranges soon proved to be a big hit with the market. The number of stores both in Italy and abroad increased. 

Today Morellato is located in 45 countries worldwide, concentrated particularly in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Morellato’s distribution network now boasts 3.000 stores. In Europe, the brand can be found in all the main department stores, in the best watch and jewellery stores, in multi-brand distribution networks and in its own flagship stores. 

In the markets outside Europe, Morellato is distributed through free standing and shop-in-shop sales points.


Starting from the SS16 collection, the new brand ambassador is Michelle Hunziker. Over the years, Morellato has interpreted its collections through campaigns in the international press and television which have become iconic. These campaigns have all featured stars of international fame: from Bar Rafaeli to Irina Shayk, from Sara Sampaio to Ma Su - renowned Chinese actress - and Laura Sanchez.